Promote growth of boys and girls lacrosse by offering year round teams, leagues, camps, and private lessons in both outdoor and indoor venues. Program covers K thru 8th grades, and is offered to both boys and girls in any town close enough to attend.
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PART 1 - ONLY FOR BOYS k2,6th-8th and Girls 3RD TO 8TH GRADE

We changed the format for registration this year for Boys 3rd to 8th Grade.

Boys 3rd to 8th Grades:

Boys ONLY 6-8th Grade- Select (Only Advanced Players):

Last year, after running our tryouts for our Boys 3rd-8th Grade Select Teams (the most advanced players who will have a full game schedule and tournaments); we did not have enough kids to offer "Our Own" Rec or Travel Program (beginners and intermediate players who play games and possibly a tournament). This has made Mavericks, primarily a Select Program...and possibly one of the best in NJ at a cost of less than half of others (we are a non-for profit, and can afford to offer more for less).  This year in order to maintain the competitive quality of our Teams, we will only be offering this to 6th to 8th Grade Boys (see below for offering to beginners and intermediate players that are 3rd-8th grade). In order to make Select you need to confidently consider yourself an Advanced Player...then...First - Register and pay $65 for the Tryouts (up to 1-3 days,weather dependent).  Then Second - you need to be selected (only most advanced players are selected). Once selected, you will be emailed a link to register and pay an amount TBD for the regular Spring Season (we are currently calculating the cost based on tournaments (last year it was $395) Select. That said, all are welcome to tryout, and for those who do not make it, you will receive good value at the Tryout for $65 and learn a lot of lacrosse.


Boys 3-8th Grade - Beginners and lower level intermediate Players:

If you do not think you can make the Select Team, you can just Register through us for "The Monmouth Lacrosse Association" (MLA) Program, and pay $300. As we found that many other towns did not have enought kids to have their own Rec & Travel Teams, we have formed an association for now that is referred to as "The Monmouth Lacrosse Association" (MLA).  Over time we hope this becomes very robust.  Currently Mavericks, Freehold and Marlboro are members and about 3-5 other towns this year are considering joining. The concept is simple. We will combine our kids and ideally have enough kids who can practice and play games together. We expect most of these kids to be beginners or lower level intermdiate in skill level.  For them  the format will be a practice on Saturday and a game on Sunday.  Some of the better skilled players may be asked to play up (space permitting) with a Travel program that will then have two practices a week and one game (days TBD).  Practices and games for MLA will be a Tighe Park in Freehold.

What to expect:

1) Register here and pay $300. Read Part 3 on how to register


Girls 3rd to 8th Grade

We are currently only offering a Travel Format (no Select Team) through the above referenced MLA.  Like the Boys, the girls will have a practice on Saturday and Game on Sunday, and that these will be held at Tighe Park in Freehold.  Unlike the Boys, because we expect to have a larger group, we will be offering an additional weekly practice in Colts Neck (day TBD)

What if I Register my son or daughter into the MLA Progam, and decide I do not like it:

- Note that it will get bette every any problems we have we hope to work out in subsequent years

- Regardless, if you are disatisifed, within the first 2 weeks we will fully refund 95% of all monies we receive from your registration.  Accordingly of the $300 we will refund $285 (the other $15 goes to the service internet company that we outsource to)

Part 2

Girls and Boys K2

Every year we have a robust K2 boys and Girls program.  Register and look for emails.  As these kids are too young for full games, the practices are instructional with scrimmaging formats. Practices will be on Sundays other than Mothers Day


Part 3


Note that unless you are in a Girls program or the BoysK-2 you must read Part 1

Refunds - . No refunds for the $65 Tryout cost. For our regular Spring Program, we will honor refunds for the first 2 weeks after date a player's program starts.  During this period, most programs either offer none or 50%.  We offer 95% (we can not refund the internet payment service costs), if and only if you request such prior to your child beginning indoors or outdoors in our Spring Program.


Many programs, especially the for-profit ones, will over book kids into their programs.  When our programs fill-up we reserve the right to shut down registration.  Having the correct number of coaches and players allows for the best experience.

1) When registering be sure you put the info of your child and not you (we often end up with 40 year old players)

2) Be sure you register for the correct Boys or Girl's Program.  Every year we end up with a few misplaced Boys and Girls.

3) Nearly all players who play in the US, are required to be members of the US Lacrosse Association.  Our program automatically checks if your child is a member, or if you have to join them or renew (their membership is good for one year).  If you need to join or renew, our program automatically kicks you over to their site, where you will register or renew and pay by credit card.  It will then kick you back to our site where you will resume to register with us and pay for us.  When going through this, note that a) after you register or renew with US Lacrosse and pay them (about $35), you are not done and have to finish registering with us.  We often have people thinking that it cost $35 to join our program.  Note that by joining US Lacrosse you are obtaining insurance on your child, you can participate in third party camps and clinics around the US year round, and you get 4 lacrosse magazines b) the info you fill out about your child at our site has to be exactly the same as at US Lacrosse.  We often have people that claim that they registered for US Lacrosse and our program can not confirm such because they typed their child's name differently at one verses the other.

5) If you are having problems it is usually because of the following: a) you registered info on yourself instead of your child; b) the program can not confirm you are a US Lacrosse member because you have a typo in their info that makes it different than what you listed with us; c) you put dashes or spaces in your credit card number (no dashes or spaces); d) your settings on your computer are set wrong (try from a different computer). If all else fails you can then contact me - Ron Gale,

We only have about 5 issues per it should for nearly all go quite smoothly.

Welcome to the Maverick Family


all best

ron gale